For My Coffee Lovers- The Life House

Walking into The Life House in Rockwall, Texas is like walking into a friend’s house. Here I was a stranger, from a strange land—California, and as I walked up to the counter I was welcomed so heartily that I took a step back thinking maybe I knew the girl behind the counter! I didn’t, but that is great customer service! […]

You Gotta Meet Kristen!!

There once was a boy who was taken away from his mom. She had a drug addiction that landed her in jail time and time again, until Child Protective Services had to finally remove him from her home. He came to live with us when he was just five years old, we were his 3rd foster home. […]

I’m Coming Out…of the Pantry.

So, I am fat. I am obese. I am probably big-boned, but those bones are covered with a lot of flesh so I don’t really know. When I say these things about myself, normal-weight people cringe.

It makes them uncomfortable to hear me identify myself that way […]