Travels With Larry Day 16–The Command Vehicle

So, to really appreciate this trip, and my pop, you need to take a look into the Command Vehicle. No, it’s not a Hummer or some all-terrain Jeep vehicle…it’s a Toyota Sequoia. I have grown up with our cars being referred to in some fashion or other to┬ábeing a Command Vehicle. I can only guess […]

You’ve Gotta Meet my Aunt!

My Aunt- *sneeze*
Me- “Bless you”
My Aunt- “And the old goat I brought”
Me- *maybe it’s a Texas thing*

Later that day…
Me- “I can pick that up today for you Auntie”
My Aunt- “Oh you made me happier than a March rabbit”
Me- *hmmm?* […]

Travels with Larry- Not In Cali Anymore Toto.

I have been in Texas for four days. I thought there would be more cowboy hats, boots, and tumbleweeds. My stereotype of Texas, at least where I am in the Dallas-area, has been shattered. I don’t know what I thought it would be like here. Maybe constant eating of BBQ, cow tipping, honky-tonks and line dancing at night? […]