This is kind of like a Hunger Games Challenge, although no one will get hurt. Tomorrow I may be able to shower at my home. Not a profound statement I agree, but an exciting possibility to me. Thursday, November 15th I will be at the Barnes and Noble in Antioch on Lone Tree Way from 9-5pm, sitting out front collecting canned food for the Shepherd’s Gate pantries. IF over 100 cans of food are given I will be able to enter my home for a period of 30 minutes to shower and blow dry my hair!!!! Now normally this is something I take for granted-showering regularly, but when you have been “homeless”, living in a van for 3 days a shower sounds like a little piece of heaven!

If you happen to be closer to Livermore you can donate canned foods at our Thrift Store on Railroad Ave from 9-5pm also. I won’t be there of course because I can’t be at two places at once, although I would love that super-power, but your donation will still count. THANK YOU in advance for keeping me clean. That sounds weird.