2011, 2015

I Lose my Mind Over This.

Recently, Chuck (aka Hubs) and I went into the City for a picnic at Golden Gate Park. On our way there Hubs wanted to stop and get a soda from a drive-thru, we pulled into a fast food restaurant, he jumped out and went inside to get a drink.

When he came back out he was fuming, […]

1111, 2015

The Link Between Mustaches and Adoption.

We made it guys. It’s finally here and almost gone. We’re LIVING IT!!!

What’s that, you ask? Why it’s the magical month of Movember. You know, that most sacred and unique of months when men (and I suppose women if they want to) grow out their mustaches to raise funds for men’s health issues. Ridiculous you […]

910, 2015

Big Girl Grew Up

Big Girl on a Mission started out as a blog. A simple platform to chronicle my adventures each year living in my sister’s van for a week to raise money and awareness for a battered and homeless women and children’s shelter. (See the Videos Blog tab for the visual documentation of those endeavors.)

Today, Big Girl […]