Recently, Chuck (aka Hubs) and I went into the City for a picnic at Golden Gate Park. On our way there Hubs wanted to stop and get a soda from a drive-thru, we pulled into a fast food restaurant, he jumped out and went inside to get a drink.

When he came back out he was fuming, which is not a normal state for my usual mellow husband. While inside the establishment Chuck witnessed the staff ignoring a man standing at the counter who appeared to be homeless. The man had purchased some food but did not get the large coffee he ordered.

Chuck called back to the employees who were discussing their unfair work schedules and one of them came up and proceeded to treat the man like he wasn’t worth the employee’s time! Then called his manager up to give the man his $.94 back, and she treated him equally as disrespectful, dumping his money on the counter and turning away from him in a huff.

Chuck called the manager back to the counter, gave her a piece of his mind about how she acted, and left. When he told me this, I wanted to go in and publicly take a very loud oath, preferably in the middle of the fast food restaurant, maybe standing on a chair with one hand in the air, that I, Jennifer Rebecca Harp, would never in the future of evers eat at Jack in the Box AGAIN!! (Unfortunately, I have already broken that pretend oath, when driving in an unfamiliar city, worried that I would suffer starvation and all I could find was a Jack in the Box. I’m weak.)

But more importantly, why do we as humans treat other humans as less than us? No matter what culture, race, nation, religion, there is always a hierarchy of people who feel they know more, have more, do more, or they are the right color, sex or religion and that makes them better than others. If this is you, keep it in your head! Don’t let it seep out your mouth or show in your eyes, keep it to yourself. Do the world a favor.