photoI love watching people in an airport. I love making up stories of who they are, where they are going, and why they are going there. A single woman in Birkenstocks and socks with a black duffle bag becomes an Eco-Activist on her way to picket the opening of a new Bed, Bath and Beyond in Las Vegas. Once she gets there she will fall for a lion tamer and shave her legs and become a showgirl. Just a typical day in my mind.

Today, my flight was so early, there were hardly any people to watch. I had to actually read the book I brought, quite distressing.

So what am I doing up here in the great Pac Nor West? This is my nirvana. A place where I instantly feel more creative and at peace just stepping off the plane. The green, the overcast, the cool air dripping with moisture, it all works for me!

This week I’ll be meeting with friends, strategizing about some next steps for Big Girl on a Mission, and finding a few people up here who are  making a difference and hopefully get their story down for the blog.

I wish you were all here with me, but since you aren’t I will leave you with a few