DSC_0004My Pop is an efficient traveler. He has lists of things to remember, he packs for every contingency, and thinks of every way to save time, space and money. His daughter, that’s me, prepares for every contingency by packing everything I can fit in my luggage. (This trip I used 2 large suitcases, a roller bag, a very cool SWAT bag, briefcase, and stylish burlap bag to carry my French press coffee pot and Nutri-Bullet blender, and of course my purse and camera bag. What? That’s not much!) Literally if someone gets married, passes away, or has a baby, I have an outfit that is appropriate.

Today we left my parent’s home and travelled through the deserted, desolate, desert of Eastern California, into Nevada to our destination for today-Las Vegas.

Now it needs to be said that my father’s vehicle does not have XM or an mp3 plug!! Yes, I do feel like I’m in the 1800′s riding in a wagon across the desert, no podcasts or music to be heard. Luckily, my pop and I like to talk to each other so I actually didn’t even miss the music…or my podcasts.

We played tourists today and went to the Hoover Dam. It was an awesome sight and I would highly recommend it, just know it will cost you some change. Bling. Bling. $10 to park. $10 to get into the Visitor’s Center, and then $10-$20 depending on which tour you take.

Tonight we dine like kings… at some buffet. Then I am going to see if I can talk my pop into cruisin the Vegas strip!! Stay tuned…