DSC_0007Like everyone I have seen pictures of the Grand Canyon. I’ve always thought it looked majestic, and I have heard people talk about how awesome it was to see. BUT, let me tell you, when I crested that ridge and saw the thing in person, it flipping took my breath away! Literally…not just because it was a bit of a hike either.

I was overcome with emotion staring at this overwhelmingly beautiful sight when I noticed all the people around me at that first crest were talking in hushed tones or whispering. It was like we were in church, or before something divine. I could have stood there all day and just let it mesmerize me. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true! Put it on your Bucket List if you haven’t been!! You’ll thank me later.

I learned something. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and being in marketing I know it to be true. But, to see something so awesome in person will render you speechless, and that is so much better.DSC_0049

We live in strange times. We have the ability to see and learn about anything we want via the internet and television, and even build relationships digitally. The danger in this, is we can let that take the place of experiencing it first-hand. Being at the Grand Canyon today taught me that. I have seen thousands of pictures of this place, but none of those pictures could adequately convey the wonder and majesty of the canyon itself. I learned I want to be present in life, not living vicariously through pictures, or movies, or television. I don’t know if that makes sense to you, it does to me, but then again I have been up and traveling hundreds of miles so I could be delirious.

I will end this post with a thank you to God. Really great job on that canyon Lord! Feel like You may have been showing off a bit and I appreciate it! And here is a picture of the hat my Pop is wearing…in public…with me…and other people…who can see him. (The front of this hat is equally tore up.)

DSC_0048Actually how could I not leave you with a few more pictures of the canyon!!