IMG_4288So Big Girl on a Mission was started three years ago when I got the bright idea to live in my sister’s van for a week to raise awareness and funding for a non-profit I worked for that cares for battered and homeless women and children. I made videos of my adventure/ordeal and posted my random ramblings during those Van Weeks over the years. (See sidebar for videos)

Well here we are three years later and the purpose of Big Girl is shifting, has shifted really. No longer is it just a once a year blog highlighting Van Week. Big Girl has grown up and will be going from just a blog to a website AND blog. Big Girl has three main missions.

MISSION #1 MAKE A DIFFERENCE- There are so many people out there doing amazing things for those in need. Some of those people work for small or start-up non-profits who don’t have the money or resources to raise the funding they need to do the essential work they could be doing. I want to help those people raise that money to do those things that need to be done. Woo hoo!!

I have 16 years of experience in non-profit work, specifically in marketing and fundraising, and I want to take that bucket of experience, both the failures and the victories, and share it with those who will benefit from it. Plain and simple- I am by no means an expert, I’m experienced, and that, to me is better, because I’m not coming in with lofty theories, but practical help.

I have already started this work and it has been so rewarding!!

MISSION #2 TELL STORIES- Through the blog I want to continue to highlight people and organizations that are doing great things to help others in need. I want to find the couples that are feeding the homeless sandwiches out of the trunks of their cars, or the moms who have banded together to collect diapers and baby clothes to help single moms who may be struggling, or the start-up non-profit tutoring at-risk children, and I want to tell their story!!

I also want to tell the stories of everyday people who may think they don’t have a story to tell. I believe we all have stories in us that could encourage, inspire, or just make someone laugh, like my friend Cindy who tried to put out the fires of hell when she was just a girl. (You can read Cindy’s story here.)

MISSION #3 SHARE LIFE- The fact is I am the Big Girl and this path I’m on can be pretty funny sometimes so the 3rd Mission of BGoaM is to share life in order to make you laugh, and to sometimes make you think, or inspire you to get involved.

So that’s it. Big Girl on a Mission is officially an LLC. Our story is still being written, and I am so excited for what adventures are in store for us! I’d love for you to join in and sign-up to receive our e-mails, promise I will not inundate your in-box with ridiculous ramblings…oh, who am I kidding, there may be a few.  :)