My dad, my cousin and my aunt.

My dad, my cousin and my aunt.

My Aunt- *sneeze*
Me- “Bless you”
My Aunt- “And the old goat I brought”
Me- *maybe it’s a Texas thing*

Later that day…
Me- “I can pick that up today for you Auntie”
My Aunt- “Oh you made me happier than a March rabbit”
Me- *hmmm?*

Even later that day…
Me- “Oh, that’s too bad”
My Aunt- “Well that’s the way it goes whenever it snows”
Me- *perplexed*

My Aunt- “Do you think I’m coo-coo?”
Me- “Yes”
My Aunt- “Good then I don’t have to impress you anymore.”

This is a woman who has raised 3 children, has 7 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren and 1 great-great grandchild. She nursed her husband through Alzheimer’s, he recently passed away. She goes to the gym twice a week to swim or do Yoga, plays Bingo, takes line-dancing lessons once a week, crochets, and bowls at least once a week, and she’s learning how to play the piano. And oh, did I mention she’ll be 80 years old???

She keeps a beautiful home, still travels, has a quick wit, and will feed you from the moment you wake up until you go to bed at night. She reminds me of different parts of my grandparents, and her and my pop have so many similarities in their personalities (mostly sarcasm) it is scaring me.

I want to be like her when I grow up…actually, she says she hasn’t grown up yet, so maybe that’s the secret–never grow up. I can do that.


Does this look like the closet of a woman in her 80's??

Does this look like the closet of a woman in her 80′s??